Explaining LeoList: A Review of the Best Classified Site for Escorts

LeoList has really risen in popularity since Backpage was shut down a couple of years ago. As an escort, I have enjoyed using it. I have very few complaints, except for the fact that many clients and even some newer escorts seem to be having a hard time figuring out the basics.
I’m going to use this article to run through the ins and outs of Leolist, and tell you why I think it is a very good thing for escorts and clients alike. It has become the most relevant classified site for escorts and their services– many still prefer the more explicit sites, specifically made for escorts. While I admit these have their charm, and I use them too, I am not willing to write off the simplicity of advertising on LeoList.
The Process of Getting Started
This element of LeoList, admittedly, is not as strict as a lot of other sites, which leaves it vulnerable to spam and scams in a way that others can sometimes manage to avoid. Still, LeoList does a better job with this than most other classifieds. The site is easily accessible, and ads can be viewed and explored easily for any potential client.
As an escort, you have the option to verify yourself or to skip the verification process. Honestly, I really recommend going through this and becoming verified. And, if you’re a customer, I highly recommend going with verified escorts so that you can avoid the riskier elements of booking escorts online. It’s just an easy way to show your legitimacy and shows that you are not a scam or a bot, earning more trust from potential clients and helping to keep a good reputation for us!
The verification process is mostly just posting at least 5 photos of yourself, which will be checked out just to make sure everything is okay. Of course, catfishing is always a possibility, just like it is with other sites… but most classified-format sites don’t even go this far, so it is refreshing and welcome that LeoList does!
And, as if these benefits were not enticing enough, you actually get DISCOUNTS if you go through verification. Pretty handy, right?
But Where Are The Escorts?
Simply put, the ads for escorts are almost everywhere! Although it is a basic classifieds site, the main usage in Canada really does seem to be sexual services related to the escort industry. Spend a few moments on the site and you will notice the ads popping up in all sorts of sections. Luckily, most of them are not scams, and there is a huge variety in regards to the types of services and specificity of the categories that you will notice. Major bonus!
You’ll find all of this in the “directory” which is easy to find… All of the ads which have not been verified will simply be put in the “Ads” category, making it easier for you to parse out escorts who are far less likely to be scam artists.
Verified escorts will generally have photos, bios, and contact information. There is also a messaging platform within the site. Clients! If you’re looking to ask potential escorts some questions, just to make sure you’re on the same page about exactly what you want, this is a great way to make sure that what you want and desire is in line with what the escort of your choosing is willing and able to do!
Still, the “Escorts” and “Dating” category is where the majority of what you’re looking for will be found.
Don’t be confused by “Motors”, “Property”, “Pets”, and other such categories. Dive right into “Personals”, “Casual Dating”, and more to see a range of subcategories!
For example, “Personals” contains ads for “Dom & Fetish”, “Female Escorts”, “Male Escorts”, “Transsexual Escorts”, “Female Massage”, and more.
Meanwhile, in “Casual Dating” you have all sorts of categories like “Women for Women”, “Men for Trans”, “Couples for Men”, and other similar ones that contain ads for escorts, even amidst seemingly un-erotic categories such as “Friendship” and “Platonic Dating.”
Do I Recommend LeoList?
Yes, I do. It is not quite as clear or detailed as several other sites I advertise on, but I think the format of this site is ideal for a certain kind of person. Just avoid any profile that looks like it might not be legitimate, and you should be fine!
Skim around, find the escort for you [maybe it’s me ;)], and have the time of your life.
To be honest, I like it more than I ever liked Backpage!
See you soon!

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